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Purely Paige

Tie Bar - Computer Circuit Board - Sterling Silver

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This tie bar has been hand forged out of sterling silver. I cut, shaped and added the circuit board engraving. I am really proud of the unique geeky dapper design of this one. You will get a lot of looks because at first glance the subtle lines look like just some nice texture but then look a little closer and it is obvious that the lines look just like a circuit board. Perfect for technology lovers of all kinds.

This piece is made to order and can have 6 characters of custom text on the back for only 5.00 more!

It measures 1/4" wide. The length is custom (skinny tie sizes to standard tie sizes) You can choose what size you would like from the drop down menu. 1" is a great size for skinny ties only, 1.5" can be worn with skinny ties and with standard ties. Any longer must be worn with standard ties or wider.

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Sterling Silver

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Care Instructions

Sterling silver jewellery naturally takes on tarnish over time in reaction with moisture in the air and our natural skin oils.

To slow the tarnishing process store in a dry area and an air tight container, (the bathroom is not a good place to store jewelry).

When tarnish shows itself don't worry it is easily removed!

You can use the silver-cleaning cloth included in your purchase, or simply use some toothpaste on a cloth or brush - gently rub at the tarnish, then wash and dry to bring back the


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