What I really love is a good story...

What I really love is a good story...

Lately I have been finding solace in watching artists on Tik Tok talking about the boxes we try to fit ourselves in as creative people in the retail world. It's the artist dream to make money off art so that we can spend time creating instead of working. But then we find ourselves not having time to create new things and instead we end up making things that we can make a lot of  that we know will sell, so that we can market them with one set of photos and we can easily calculate profit margins. Not every creator fits into a box like that. One Tik Tok creator and artist, (I wish I could remember her name I will keep searching around and hopefully tag her) said something to the effect of, "Maybe you are not a mass production artist, maybe you make slow art, maybe you don't have social media content everyday. That is ok. Don't try to be who you aren't."

Sometimes you need permission to be who you are. Sometimes you need to be reminded that there is not just one way to succeed. 

Awhile ago I was lucky enough to be able to make the decision to only remake things I love remaking. Even when I love remaking something I need to be able to do what I truly love most of all sometimes. Which is create a new story. A story that will change into another story for whomever wears what I make.

The last couple of days I found some time to make a necklace with a story. 



"Once in a Blue Moon" 

You can read all about her by clicking on the photo below. 

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