So you want to get THE BEST gift for him...

So you want to get THE BEST gift for him...

Don't worry, I've got you! I can make you something to give him that will make him make the kind of priceless expression that you don't want to miss out on seeing.  I can add sweet little custom details to any of my pieces.

For example; these are my Custom Date & Initials Mountain Range cuff links.

I can inscribe a special date into the sky of this mountain scene. Some ideas are: 

Wedding Date

Engagement Date

Anniversary Date

First Date

First Climb

First Baby 

First House

Initials can also be inscribed on a heart on the back. The idea was made with the first initials of the couple in mind, but you can get creative with this. Any 3 letter word can be inscribed! And I could just inscribed the 3 letters on back without a heart. 

Those are the two options I offer ready to purchase on my site. 

Please take these options as loose suggestions. I am open to all kinds of customization Ideas. 

Some ideas for these cuff links would be: 

gold or goldfill sun 

Crystal Sun


Moon and stars 

Astrological sign in the stars

Words inscribed into the montains

A lake with a boat included. 

A campsite 

Birds in the sky

Custom mountains

Name of mountain range inscribed 


And remember the more little details the better. One thoughtful touch is enough which makes it even more fun to cover the piece with touches.

Never hesitate to ask me if I can customize in a certain way even if it isn't listed as an option. Because I've got your back remember? You don't have to be thoughtful, just ask me to do it for you!







Mountain Scene Cuff Links with Custom Wedding Date and Couple's Initials


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