New Cuff Links! Midnight Mountains in Gun Metal Gray

New Cuff Links! Midnight Mountains in Gun Metal Gray

My most popular cuff link designs right now are mountain scenes. I am excited about this new version in a dark gun metal gray color. I call them Midnight Mountain Cuff links. They look great in contrast with a bright white french cuff and deep grey or blue suit coat. With time the oxidized color will wear a little giving them a vintage finish that you will possibly love more than the fully oxidized finish they will start in.

Purposely oxidized sterling silver is a beautiful gun metal gray color. Oxidation is something we often try to avoid in bright silver jewelry because it dulls the color and the color in between bright silver and fully oxidized is kind of a brown color that isn't very appealing. But I LOVE the look of fully oxidized silver. It adds depth, contrast, character and edginess to a piece.

I also have this color in a Midnight Mountain Tie Bar to match and make a set! 






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